A downloadable game for Windows and Android

HenTales is a game about finding that one girl you will love with all your heart.

Shift - Make text speed go faster.
Space - Advance dialogue.


•branching dialogue
•9 endings



Sakura Angels
Sakura Swim Club


fragment core by sugargliderz
special valentine by Cat.B


Sakura Beach OST
Sakura Swim Club OST

[Sound Effects]



HenTales_Mobile_1.0.5.apk 55 MB
hentales_v1.0.6.zip 44 MB

Development log


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go to google and doawload sakura swimiming club cat damn

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This game is super short and is basically a joke. Not that I'm putting it down, just everyone be aware it's not really a legit VN.


ah yes. boob


All I gotta say, lol